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Izu Kogen Antique Jewelry Museum


Exhibits of splendid jewelry and dresses from the 19th century

At the Izu Kogen Antique Jewelry Museum, you can exhibit the splendid jewelry that European royalty favored 100 to 200 years ago. You can also experience wearing antique dresses and transform into a noblewoman and nobleman. A great museum to see, experience and buy gifts!

  • アンティークジュエリー展示Jewelry using 27-carat diamonds and natural pearls
  • アンティークジュエリー展示This valuable jewelry is from the 1870s when Tiffany & Co. started to make and sell jewelry.
  • アンティークジュエリー展示There were no cultured pearls during the 19th century and so all pearls were natural. During this time, pearls were as expensive as a same-sized diamond.
  • アンティークジュエリー展示当時非常に高価なアメジストを見事に彫り上げ、すばらしい枠にセットされたカメオは、まさに芸術作品です。


A technique no longer reproducible
What is Cannetille?

Since the mining output of gold and other gems was extremely limited during the beginning of the 19th century, they were very expensive. For that reason, a technique called Cannetille was used to make the jewelry impressive with a small number of gems. This handmade technique is currently impossible to reproduce.

At the museum, you can experience wearing a fancy vintage dress!

  • ドレスの試着体験
  • ドレスの試着体験

How about taking a photo in a vintage dress for a memory of your trip? Once you wear dresses, you’ll feel just like a princess! There are also outfits for men, so you can also enjoy as couples.

  • ドレスの試着体験
  • ドレスの試着体験



Izu Kogen Antique Jewelry Museum






1030-63 Yawatano Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0232

Open hours

9:30-17:00 (last entrance time: 16:30)

Closed days

First and Third Wednesday (Except holidays and August)

Admission fee

Adult 1,000 yen Junior high and high school student 750-yen Elementary school student 500 yen