The Nosaka Automata MuseumMechanical works of art and the crystallization of thought and science


Exhibition of Automata Loved by Royal Families

During the 18th and 19th century, automata fascinated the royal families in Europe. Up until then, automata were constructed based on watch technology used since the Renaissance but developed even further during this period. Various craftsman created and displayed their automata and eventually combined music boxes with them to make them delicately move with music or whistle sounds. The height of Automata was the 19th century which reflects the fashion and social conditions of the day. Aristocrats favored them as their vaunted masterpieces. On the other hand, this cutting-edge technology later became the cornerstone of robot movement.

  • 手紙を書くピエロ"Writing Letters Clowns" will not only surprise you by its beauty, but also by its skill in writing letters.
  • 梯子乗り“Climbing the Ladder” will impress you while the acrobat does headstands climbing the ladder.

Restoration of a craftsman’s workshop Learn how automata are made!


The museum has recreated the workshop of the most famous automata artist, Michel Bertrand. You can learn what parts are used and how automata move by looking at this workshop.

  • オートマタ工房
  • オートマタ工房

Exhibition of the western style Automata featuring the best technology of the time

The Nosaka Automata Museum is a rare museum that exhibits valuable cultural heritage automata which were loved by the aristocrats of the time. Even though times have changed, the brilliance of this “moving artwork” will never fade. Don’t forget to visit the Nosaka Automata Museum!

  • 展示中のオートマタ人形
  • 展示中のオートマタ人形

Watch automata shows at the theater room!

In the theater room, you can enjoy watching automata shows accompanied by explanations from museum staff.

  • 3人でハイチーズ!An old lady automaton drinking tea. The tea the automaton drinks goes through a tube and back into the kettle.
  • 実演がみられるシアタールームAn automaton with a roulette wheel. Once the bags on the wheel start to spin, the doll moves to the top and picks one bag.



Automata Museum






1283-75 Yawatano Ito, Shizuoka

Open hours

9:30-17:00 (Last entrance time: 16:00)

Closed days

Thursday (Open on holidays and August)

Admission fee

Adult: 1,000 yen Junior high and high school student: 600 yen (Under elementary free)