The world of botanical art of the nature of Izu Kogen

The Miyako Takahashi Botanical Art Museum


The world of botanical art: specimens listed in botanical books

Botanical art is depictions of plant species that are scientifically accurate and is said to date back to ancient Greece when people needed to distinguish medical plants. Unlike painting a world in an artist’s imagine, it is critically important that botanical artwork correctly portray the characteristics of the plant.

At this museum, you can enjoy the simple but beautiful artwork. The exhibits are mainly plants that bloom in the environment around the museum. Don’t forget to stop by the museum to enjoy the quality that can never be replicated by cameras.

  • ソライロアサガオMexican morning glory: Enjoy the cool combination of the flower’s blue colors and the green leaves.
  • アマリリスAmaryllis: A beautiful artwork that captures the shades of its passion red color. The flowers come in white, red, light red, etc.


Introducing you to Mrs. Miyako Takahashi!

Mrs. Miyako Takahashi captures the vitality and beauty of flowers through her botanical art centering on seasonal plants such as the Indian lotus in spring to violets blooming in fields. She also focuses on activities such as writing books on how to draw botanical art so that many more people can easily and happily draw botanical artwork.

  • トケイソウ1. Passionflower: Also known as passion fruits. Because of its shape, it is called Tokeisou, which means “clock plant” in Japanese.
  • パイナップル2. Pineapple: The artwork reflects a powerful growing plant.

ボタニカル作品3. One of the newest artworks of Mrs. Miyako.

Experience drawing botanical art!


Anyone can experience drawing botanical art at Miyako Takahashi Botanical Art Museum. Don’t worry if you’re not good at drawing, Mrs. Miyako will teach you step by step.We experienced drawing red peppers this time. How does it look?

  • ボタニカル体験First, trace the outline and then start to color.
  • ボタニカル体験Mrs. Miyako will teach you how to shade with tissue paper.

ボタニカル体験We experienced drawing red peppers!

Bring home botanical art books and original souvenirs!

  • ボタニカルグッズ
  • ボタニカルグッズ
  • ボタニカルグッズ
  • ボタニカルグッズ

At the museum, there are a variety of Miyako Takahashi Botanical Art Museum’s original goods that makes you feel relaxed just by looking at them. Don’t forget to check out the how-to-draw botanical art books!



Miyako Takahashi Botanical Art Museum






5-234 Omurokogen, Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0235

Open hours


Closed days

Wednesdays and Thursdays (Except New Year’s holidays, Golden Week, O-bon holidays)

Admission fee

Adult (Above high school student) 600 yen Elementary and junior high school student: 400-yen Preschool child: free