The Journey of Oriental Art

The Cui Ruzhuo Art Museum


Dynamic Paintings of Nature and Animals of in Four Seasons

Cui Ruzhuo is one of the most famous contemporary ink wash artists in China. Capturing the magnificent nature of China throughout the seasons, his paintings are so dynamic and detailed that make people feel as if they are in the scenery. This museum was the first to display Cui Ruzhuo’s artwork in Japan. The museum was built as the bridge between the people of Japan and China and seeks to deepen the ties of friendship and goodwill between both countries. The Cui Ruzhuo Art Museum hopes that more and more people will be able to experience the charm of Cui Ruzhuo’s work.

  • 飛雪降る春Blowing Snow in the Spring
    The first artwork of a trilogy on Mount Fuji. The red blossoms adorn the still, frigid snowy landscape and enhance the beauty of Mount Fuji.
  • 富士山之春Mount Fuji in the Spring
    This masterpiece reflects a memory deeply etched into Cui Ruzhuo’s mind. The profusion of pink blossoms blooming on the majestic soaring slopes of the still white Mount Fuji gives the impression that spring has come.


Cui Ruzhuo

China’s most famous contemporary ink- wash artist

China’s most famous contemporary ink-wash artist Cui Ruzhuo was born in then Xicheng District of Beijing. After graduating from high school, he worked as an elementary school art teacher in Beijing while he learned calligraphy and painting. In 1974, after he dedicated a large painting to the Great Hall of the People, Ruzhuo gradually began to gain the attention of the art world. In 1982, he was the only Chinese artist to be selected to display his works at the Venice Biennale Exhibition. He held a private exhibition at the National Museum of Taiwan History in 1989 which was the very first time a mainland Chinese artist held an exhibition in Taiwan. To honor this, Hsieh Tung-min, the Governor of Taiwan Province at that time, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In 2004, Cui Ruzhuo assumed the position of the Honorary President of the Worldwide Chinese Calligraphers, Artists, and Collectors Association and Cui Ruzhuo collector stamps had been published in China. In 2010, Ruzhuo held exhibitions throughout China and in 2012 at the National Museum of China and has firmly established his position as a great master of ink-wash art. His artwork Blowing Snow in Thousand Mountains was received such overwhelming demand that it sold for 77.15 million Hong Kong Dollars (approximately 9,835,417 US Dollars) at the Hong Kong Christie’s auction house.

How about a fabulous lunch at Restaurant-Amagi-?

  • ブレスレット制作体験
  • ブレスレット制作体験

On the second floor at Cui Ruzhuo Art Museum, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch and the beautiful panoramic view of the ocean.

  • ブレスレット制作体験Beef curry rice
    Single item: 1,000 yen
    Set: 1,650 yen
  • ブレスレット制作体験Vongole Bianco
    Single item: 950 yen
    Set: 1,450 yen



The Cui Ruzhuo Art Museum






1101-10 Futo, Ito-shi, Shizuoka 413-0231

Open hours

Open hours: 10:00-17:00 (last entrance time: 16:30)
Open hours: 11:00-17:00 (last order: 16:30)

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Wednesday, First Sunday every month (Temporarily closed day due to events)

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Adult: 1,000-yen Child: 700 yen (Under junior high school: Free)