You can spend the whole day enjoying the attractions!!

The Izu Granpal Amusement Park


  • ジップライン〜風KAZE〜
  • ジップライン〜風KAZE〜


Zipline-KAZA- is an attraction where you can slide down a metal wire using a pulley. It is 1312 feet (400 meters) in length in total with the maximum height difference of 29 feet (9 meters). Enjoy the panoramic view while flying through the sky. The maximum speed is 35 km per hour, so it is definitely thrilling!


Water Balloon

At this attraction, you can get inside a giant balloon and walk or run on the water surface! It might be hard at first to keep your balance. Not only can you play by yourself, but you can also get into the balloon with your family and friends! The Water Balloon is very popular and enjoyed by all ages.

  • レッサーパンダ館
  • レッサーパンダ館

There are various types of water balloons!Water Balloon: The diameter is 2 meters, and two people can get in.Big Water Balloon: The diameter is 3 meters, and four people can get in.


Boat-Shaped 3D Maze -KAiZOKU-

Height: 37 feet (11.4 meters)Width: 32 feet (10 meters)Length: 98 feet (30 meters)Area: 698 square feet (213 square meters)Maze area: 1368 square feet (417 square meters)The very first wooden boat-shaped 3D maze in Japan! Search for the six letters inside the maze and challenge to past the test to become a “Sotechi” pirate! Gather all the hints and become the best pirate!

  • 船体立体迷路-KAiZOKU-
  • 船体立体迷路-KAiZOKU-


Find all the letters and look for the exit! Once you get to the exit, you get a certification stamp stating that you’re a pirate! Bring home the certificate as a memory of your trip!


Pirates Restaurant GRANTEI

After you enjoyed the attractions, it’s time to eat!GRANTEI is a pirate themed restaurant.The dishes have pirate-related names such as The Supreme Ruler in the Sea and Blue Ocean Curry. You can also rent pirate costumes, so become one and enjoy your feast!

  • 海賊レストラン-GRANTEI-
  • 海賊レストラン-GRANTEI-

The flames and fireworks taking place right in front of your eyes are impressive! Once you smell the delicious meat, you can’t wait to start eating!

  • 海賊レストラン-GRANTEI-Bomb Hamburg Steak 1,200 yen (tax included)
  • 海賊レストラン-GRANTEI-The Supreme Ruler in the Sea 5,980 yen (tax included)


Izukogen Granillumi

Welcome to the fantastic world created by lights. Granillumi is an illumination event where you can enjoy so much! Granillumi has been chosen No. 1 two years in a row in the popular illumination ranking of Walker+.The whole area is covered in lights creating a dream-like atmosphere.*Please check the official website for the illumination schedule.

  • グランイルミ
  • グランイルミ

Various Instagrammable spots!

There are various photo shooting spots throughout the illumination area. Granillumi is a great place to take photos with your family, friends, or partner as a memory of your trip.

  • グランイルミ
  • グランイルミ


The collaboration of light and sound Welcome to the fantastic world!

The illumination show is held regularly. There are several shows such as shows that use lasers and smoke or lights that change with the music as if they are dancing!



Izu Granpal Amusement Park






1090 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0231

Open hours

Differ depending on the season, please check the official website.

Closed days

Daytime: Open year-round.
Granillumi: Please check the official website

Admission fee

Adult (Above junior high school student) 1,200-yen/Elementary school student 600-yen/Child (Above 4 years old) 400-yen/Senior 600 yen
Adult (Above junior high school student) 1,500-yen/Elementary school student 800-yen/Children Free
*Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian