The Journey of Oriental Art

The Museum of Ivory and Stone SculpturesJewelpia


Craftsmanship Passed Down from Generation to Generation.

At Jewelpia, you can enjoy more than 100 pieces of ivory sculptures along with national treasure-class art works such as the world’s largest stone folding screen and jade sculptures. The museum exhibitions comprise very auspicious collections such as the Chinese ivory structures based on themes from classical Chinese literature and good fortune talismans such as longevity (長寿), happiness (福寿), and heaven (天上界). Due to the Washington Conference that currently prohibits ivory imports, Jewelpia has become a highly treasured art museum worldwide.

  • 象牙彫刻の作品
  • 象牙彫刻の作品

The History of Ivory Sculpture


Ivory comes from elephant tusks that evolved from their teeth. It has a long history going back to the Old Stone Age when people made carvings from mammoth tusks and it has been treasured in wide areas such as Europe, Islamic countries, and China. Ivory was highly valued in China from ancient times and successive dynasties even gave it as a gift to the Imperial Household.

Contemporary ivory artisans continued to use traditional techniques from the Ming and Qing dynasties while incorporating new techniques to create extraordinary pieces such as three-dimensional sculptures, relief carvings, and openwork carvings.


The World of Folding Screens Expressed in Natural Stone

At Jewelpia, there are large jade sculptures which are rare in Japan. Reportedly, the history of Chinese jade sculptures dates back approximately 3,000 years and its craftsmanship is said to be unsurpassed in the world.

Jade was used as talismans to protect people from disease and misfortunate. Actually, the trace elements found in jade such as zinc, iron and calcium, purportedly play a role in helping maintain one’s health.

  • 西遊記The natural stone folding screen based on Journey to the West. Height 8.2 feet (2.5m), length 164 feet (50m).
  • 楊貴妃One of the world’s largest natural stone folding screen, it depicts the love story of Yang Guifei, one of the three most beautiful women in the world, and Emperor Xuanzong of Tang dynasty.

Natural Stone Bracelet Workshop


You can experience making bracelets with natural stones. It might be interesting to look up the powers or effects the stone has while you make your very own bracelet.

  • ブレスレット制作体験
  • ブレスレット制作体験



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