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Atelier Rocky Kaleidoscopes Gallery


Renown throughout the world, the Atelier Rocky Kaleidoscopes Gallery exhibits and sells works by one of Japan's leading kaleidoscope artists, Koji Yamami, as well as other Japanese and foreign artists. There are a variety of unique kaleidoscopes created by the gallery owner that at first glance, do not look like kaleidoscopes at all. Last but not least, there is the largest kaleidoscope in the world where you can go inside and enjoy. In addition, this is the only place where you can regularly experience making kaleidoscopes. How about entering the fantastic world of kaleidoscopes?

One of the largest kaleidoscopes in the world


Ordinarily kaleidoscopes are enjoyed by looking into them, but this kaleidoscope is one you actually go inside, and you become part of its design! Several people can enter at once and take photos together!

  • 館長の万華鏡コレクション
  • 館長の万華鏡コレクション

Kaleidoscope collections made by the owner himself

There are many unique kaleidoscopes made by the owner himself!There are kaleidoscopes shaped like a telephone, a toilet, a Moai statue and more. There are numerous interesting kaleidoscopes that greet you! There are even ones that play music so you can enjoy them using all of your five senses!

  • 館長の万華鏡コレクション
  • 館長の万華鏡コレクション
  • セント・ミッシェル礼拝堂
  • セント・ミッシェル礼拝堂

Your own self becomes a kaleidoscope!

Put your face inside and take a photo from the other side and you’ll be surprised! You can take a photo just like this!

Exhibits of the best kaleidoscope artists.


At the museum, you can also enjoy the kaleidoscopes made by the best artists from all over the world. The artwork of Kouji Yamami, Japan’s leading kaleidoscope artist, and Yasuko Nakazato are a must-see!

Experience making genuine kaleidoscopes!


Unlike a toy kaleidoscope, you can make a genuine oil-type kaleidoscope using a mirror used by professionals. You’ll be impressed once you finish making your own!

  • 本格的な万華鏡を作れるよ!
  • 本格的な万華鏡を作れるよ!



Atelier Rocky Kaleidoscopes Gallery






1353-58 Yawatano Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0232

Open hours


Closed days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Except during Golden Week in May, O-bon holidays in August, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays)

Admission fee

Adult (Above high school student): 500-yen Child (Elementary and junior high school student): 400 yen