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Komuroyama, the volcano with massive lava flows

Komuroyama is a volcano that belongs to the Izu-Tobu volcanic field. The scoria cone is a result of scoria (magma splashes) piling up around the crater when Komuroyama erupted 15,000 years ago. An unbelievable amount of magma flowed out and created the land now used as Kawana golf courses, the cove of Kawana Bay, and more.

  • リフトで頂上へPets under 10kg are allowed to ride.
  • 展望台からの眺めは最高Don’t forget to stop by at the sightseeing tower when it’s sunny!

You might see Mt. Fuji when it’s sunny!

Only a 5-minute ride on the chair lift to the summit of Komuroyama! From the summit, you can enjoy magnificent views of Mt. Fuji to the North, Sagami Bay to the East, Chiba’s Bōsō Peninsula and the Izu islands to the South, and finally the Amagi mountain range to the west. Enjoy the view in the brisk and refreshing air!


The observatory deck allows you to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view and is a must! The staff plans to make Komuroyama known more for its "exceptionally views."


Try your luck at Komuro Shrine at the summit! You can select an omikuji, a fortune-telling paper. This shrine is believed to protect people from earthquakes, marine accidents, conflagrations, disease, and watches over reconstruction.

Not only children but adults, too! The dinosaur party is here!


There is no admission fee to see the Komuroyama Dinosaur Park which is located halfway up Komuroyama, and features Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and more statues! Enjoy traveling back to the age of dinosaurs!

  • 恐竜公園
  • 恐竜公園
  • 恐竜公園
  • 恐竜公園

The Marquetry Woods Museum

  • 森のぞうがん美術館
  • 森のぞうがん美術館

Marquetry is a traditional art and craft technique called Zogan in Japanese. This art technique can be seen in the furniture of the royal families of Medieval Europe. From landscape scenery to charming animals, there are various art pieces at the Marquetry Woods Museum. Enjoy the art along with natural scenery and Sagami Bay.

Exclusive Komuroyama gifts!

売店The Forest Market in the Komuroyama Restaurant sells specialty products of Izu as well as original goods.

  • 新夏蜜柑酎うめえら!Umera! (meaning "delicious" in a Japanese dialect): Liqueur with a 10- percent alcohol content has a refreshing aroma and the sweet taste of fresh summer oranges.
  • ばすかんBus-can: rusk (dried biscuits) created between the collaboration of Tokai Bus Service and Atami Sumiyoshiya Company.



The Komuroyama Sightseeing Lift






1428 Komuroyama Kawana, Ito City, Shizuoka 414-0044

Open hours


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No closed days (Open hours and closed days may change due to weather)

Admission fee

Adult: Round trip 470-yen, One way 240 yen / Child: Round trip 240-yen, One way 120 yen