The Music Box Museum of IzuThe antique museum of healing and sounds


The world of automatic machines born from innovations in watch technology

In 1796, the Swiss watchmaker Antoine Fabre invented a small music-playing machine to make pocket watches capable of playing complex music. What Favre created is said to be the world’s first cylinder music box. The music box works by rotating a cylinder with pins that then pluck the steel soundboard. For ages, organs have been loved by people. Recently, it’s been said that the sounds of music boxes have a healing effect called high-frequency wave effect and there is now a movement aiming to increase their number. The Music Box Museum of Izu believes that music boxes will continue to spread and be enjoyed by people throughout the world.

  • アップライト式ディスクオルゴールThis is the large upright disc-playing music box. It is one of the masterpieces manufactured by Polyphon Musikwerke, one of the three largest makers in Germany.
  • 癒し効果があるといわれるオルゴールThis music box which is said to have a healing effect was created jointly by the NIDEC Sankyo Corporation and Mr. Tsutomu Ohashi, who discovered the effects of high-frequency waves.

Learn the history of music boxes while listening to their actual sounds


At the Music Box Museum of Izu, you can not only learn about the history of music boxes, but also listen to the actual sounds of precious antique music boxes, street organs, and large organs. Enjoy the diverse sounds of the music boxes.

  • オルゴール展示
  • オルゴール体験

Automatic playing organs that entertain people

Reportedly the actual automatic musical instruments evolved from barrel organs which used wooden barrels instead of music sheets. In the latter half of the 19th century, the use of book-type sheet music (books) and thin paper rolls (music rolls) folded in cardboard became the standard, making it possible to perform complex performances that have become popular with many people.

モルティール「フェアグランドダンスオルガン」The Mortier Fairground Dance Organ.
The Mortier Fairground Dance Organ. This is an impressive large organ that plays automatically. Mortier is said to be the Rolls-Royce of the dance organs.

  • ウインドチャイム
  • 遊べるオルゴール

Various instruments to play with!

The Music Box Museum of Izu exhibits instruments and music boxes that you can actually touch and play. There are also wind chimes with cool sounds in the courtyard that you can also touch and enjoy. Inside the museum, there is a piano that U.S. President Truman loved and which you can experience playing.

Choose your favorite song and make your very own music box!


Choose your favorite song and box and make your very own music box! You can use the actual tools to make music boxes, so you can also learn how music boxes move.

  • オルゴールの制作体験Small but genuine music box
  • オルゴールの制作体験好きな曲を選んで、店員さんに教わりながら完成させよう。



The Music Box Museum of Izu






1191-1 Yawatano Ito, Shizuoka 413-0232

Open hours

9:10-16:30 (last entrance time: 16:00)

Closed days

Wednesday, January 1st (Open during Holidays, August, January 2nd-3rd)

Admission Fee

Adult: 860 yen Elementary / Junior high school student: 430 yen (Under kindergarten: Free)