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Learn about the volcanic activity of Omuroyama that created the foundation of Izu plateau

Omuroyama erupted approximately 4,000 years ago. Its inverted rice-bowl shape was created as a result of scoria (magma splashes) piling up around the crater.The land east of Omuroyama such as Izu Kogen and Jogasaki coast were created by the magma flows from the eruption of Omuroyama.

  • 登山リフトで頂上へUse the Omuroyama Mountain Chair Lift to get to the summit!
  • 頂上の写真The panorama view from the summit is fantastic! You can look out over every inch of the Izu Kogen area!!


The crater has a diameter of about 300 meters and is 70 meters in depth. There is a 1,000-meter circular walkway around the crater known as "Ohachi-Meguri." From the summit, you have a 360-degree panoramic view where you can see the mountains of Amagi, Fuji, and Akaishi.


The whole mountain is designated as a natural monument and is preserved as a holy place of sacred mountains. You’ll see five life-size stone statues called “Gochi-nyorai-jizouson” which one prays to for safe child birth and joyful marriage. There are also eight life-size statutes called “Yatsugatake-jizouson” that one prays to for safety while fishing and good catches.

Experience archery at Omuroyama!


You can experience archery inside the crater of Omuroyama! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, the staff will kindly guide you through the steps. You won’t forget the exhilarating feeling when you hit the target!(1 hour 600 yen, renting fee 400 yen)*Only above junior high school students.

  • アーチェリー体験Even if it’s your first time, the staff will teach you!
  • アーチェリー体験Aim carefully...

マトはプレゼントにしよう。After you’re finished, you can bring back the target as a gift. How many times were you able to shoot it?

Exclusive Omuroyama gifts at the summit!

持ち帰り大室山A popular souvenir made from the rare scoria of Omuro. This comes in three colors: light green, gold, and black.

  • 名物「三福だんご/大福・幸福・裕福」1. Three Happiness Dumplings: rice cake, good luck, and wealth.
  • ソフトクリーム2. Ice Cream (Cup or cone) / Two flavors: Vanilla or Green tea



Omuroyama Mountain Chair Lift






672-2 Ike Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0235

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Adult (Above junior high school student) 500-yen Child (Above 4 years old) 250 yen