A place to relax with cute animals and cactuses!

Izu Shaboten Zoo


  • アニマルボートツアーズ
  • アニマルボートツアーズ

Animal boat tours

You can experience a boat tour to the islands inside the lake. The zookeeper will educate you about the animals that live on the islands.
There are two types of tours.
1.A tour where you can get on the island and feed either squirrel monkeys or ring-tailed lemurs.
2.A tour where you can closely observe animals from the boat.
Now it’s time for your animal exploration!


Red Panda Plaza

The Red Panda Plaza opened in March 2019 marking the 60th anniversary of the opening of Izu Shaboten Zoo. The Red Pandas can’t wait to see you!There are also the great grey owl and the bearcat. So, you’ll definitely have fun!

  • レッサーパンダ館
  • レッサーパンダ館


Cactus Greenhouse

The greenhouse exhibits cactuses and succulent plants from all over the world! Each greenhouse exhibits different plants sorted by habitats.Start your global tour of cactuses!


Capybara Rainbow Plaza

This is the area where you can meet capybara, the most popular animal in the Izu Shaboten Zoo. During the daytime, capybara like to sleep in the sun. You might be able to see them playing together or taking a bath.

  • カピバラ虹の広場
  • カピバラ虹の広場

The Open-Air Bath is a must during the winter season

The first zoo to start the open-air bath for capybaras is the Izu Shaboten Zoo. Watching them cuddle while they take their bath is so heartwarming!

Cactus hunting workshop


Right after the cactus greenhouse, there is the cactus hunting workshop where you can make your own potted cactus arrangement! Pick a few cactuses that you like from out of so many and create your very own arrangement! It’ll be a great memory of your trip!

  • シャボテン狩り工房Choose a few cactuses you want to put in your pot.There are so many, so take your time and pick your favorite!
  • シャボテン狩り工房After you’ve chosen the cactuses you want, chose a pot you want to plant it in. There’s even a design of the popular capybara!
  • シャボテン狩り工房Now that you’ve chosen your cactuses and pot, the staff will make your potted cactus arrangement for you.
  • シャボテン狩り工房Finished!Feel free to ask questions.
  • シャボテン狩り工房
  • シャボテン狩り工房



Izu Shaboten Zoo






1317-13 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0231

Open hours

*During November to February: 9:00-16:00(Last entrance time is 30 minutes before close)

Closed days

No closed days

Admission fee

Adult (Above junior high school student) 2,300 yen
Elementary school student 1,100 yen
¥Children (Above 4 years old) 400 yen