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Izu Teddy Bear Museum


At Izu Kogen Teddy Bear Museum, you can enjoy numerous teddy bears under the theme the Teddy Bear’s House. In addition to Teddy Girl, which is listed in the Guinness World Records, the museum has on exhibition various teddy bear collections such as antique teddy bears and teddy bears made by artists all over the world.


The Early Teddy Bears

Right: The very first teddy bears were made by Steiff, a German company. The early model number was called 55PB. When an American buyer imported them, there was an overwhelming demand for this model.

The relationship between the American President and teddy bears

  • テディベアとアメリカ大統領の関係?
  • テディベアとアメリカ大統領の関係?

The name Teddy Bear comes from an incident related to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. One day, while hunting Roosevelt encountered a bear nearly dead. He refused to shoot the bear, saying that it would be contrary to the spirit of sportsmanship. After the incident was published in The Washington Post, Roosevelt received a stuffed animal as a gift from a candy store. This stuffed animal was named Teddy after Theodore Roosevelt.


Numerous teddy bears are waiting for your visit! Inside the Teddy Bear Express, which connects the museum in Izu and Nasu, you can see teddy bears riding the express. There are also dancing teddy bears, teddy bears on a merry-go-round, and much more! Come and visit the unique teddy bears at the Izu Kogen Teddy Bear Museum!

  • テディベアトレイン
  • テディベアトレイン

Colonel Bob Henderson and Teddy Girl


The late Colonel Bob Henderson was a famous teddy bear collector. Teddy Girl, the teddy bear that he loved during his childhood, was one of the very first teddy bears that was made by Steiff in 1904. After his retirement, the Colonel promoted a movement to send teddy bears to those in need of emotional support.

How about a teddy bear for a gift?


There are various teddy bear goods at the museum. Don’t forget to stop by at the gift shop! There should be a teddy bear that you’ll definitely want to bring back home and cuddle!

  • テディベアを持ち帰ろう
  • テディベアを持ち帰ろう



Izu Teddy Bear Museum






1064-2 Yawatano Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0232

Open hours

9:30- 17:00 (last entrance time: 16:30)

Closed days

February, March, June, December: Second Tuesday (Except if holiday) *Closed on Second Tuesday and Wednesday in June. Open in Golden Week, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

Admission fee

Adult: 1,080 yen Junior high and high school student: 860-yen Elementary school student: 640 yen (under elementary school and over 75 years old Free)