Kitagawa Masayuki Art Gallery of Child’s Heartwhere distant childhood memories come to life


Scenes of your childhood past come to mind. Reawaken the child’s heart inside yourself.

This is the personal museum of Kitagawa Masayuki, a Japanese artist.The collection consists of 450 pieces and exhibitions change by the season. The paintings depict scenes of children that rekindle nostalgic memories of one’s childhood.The exterior of the museum resembles a traditional Japanese warehouse fully incorporating the best features of Japanese architecture and characterized by a streamlined roof.The first room welcomes you with a hearth. You enter each room by going through arches. The walls of diatomite gave a pleasant feel to rooms along with the cork floors.

  • 道The Way
    This is one of Kitagawa's art style called "Kanji-e" (literally drawing based on one's feeling). He draws children and animals following his feelings. There's also Jizo-san, a cat, a dog, and ants depicted.
  • 海The Ocean
    What do you think the children are looking at? The clouds, or perhaps could it be their future? Two dogs are with them.


Introducing you to Mr. Masayuki Kitagawa!

Mr. Masayuki Kitagawa is a Japanese illustrator who is known for drawing the cover of the Bellmark booklet, four-frame manga, Bell-chan, and the artwork for Japanese Folk Tales. He has been devoted to teaching the joy of drawing to elementary children throughout Japan.

  • わらべ絵館
  • わらべ絵館

We hope you have a wonderful time in this heartwarming place where you can go return to your childhood days. You may even hear the laughter of the children.

More fun awaits you outside the art gallery!


One of the few Bellmark mailboxes in Japan!

Mr. Masayuki used to teach drawing to children in rural schools. Right next to the museum gates you’ll see the Bellmark mailbox. Mr. Masayuki continues to devote his energy into the Bellmark campaign.

  • 線路の枕木
  • 線路の枕木

There are railroad ties at the entrance! It feels like I’m waking on the railroad!

The wooden boards that continue on to the entrance were once used in actual railroads. If you look closely at the ties, you can still see the nails. Walk on the railroad to get into the museum!

Bring home nostalgic memories!

  • わらべ絵グッズ
  • わらべ絵グッズ

The heart from the childhood memories are in postcards. The heartwarming scenery and the memories from the past will be great gifts!



Kitagawa Masayuki Art Gallery of Child’s Heart






1208-59 Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka 413-0232

Open hours


Closed days

Tuesday, Wednesday (Except holidays, August and New Year’s holidays) and December

Admission fee

Adult (Above high school student) 700 yen / Child (Elementary and junior high school student) 400 yen / Senior (Above 70 years old) 500 yen