A place where you can jump through space and time to meet famous people!

The Izu Wax Figure MuseumHow many wax figures of famous people do you notice?


From historical people to famous politicians, from Hollywood stars to famous paintings, the wax figures at the Izu Wax Figure Museum look so real!The wax figures are all life-size and human hair is used for hair and beards and appear so realistic that look like they will move any second!

In Mexican exhibition, you are able to see many excellent sculptures and paintings unique to Mexico.How many people can you recognize from the various wax figures?


In the museum, you can see the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci reproduced in wax figures! It took 13 years to create this masterpiece.

A gathering of Famous movie stars!

  • 李小龍Bruce Lee, the superstar of Hong Kong movies. A lot of people have admired his nunchaku moves.
  • ターミネーターArnold Alois Schwarzenegger - the movie star who was in The Terminator.
  • スタートレックLeonard Nimoy- the actor from the Star Trek TV and movie series. Your father probably enjoyed this series?
  • タイタニックLeonardo DiCaprio, the well-known actor who appeared in the movie Titanic, will greet you at the entrance!
  • チャップリンThe small hat and his short mustache are his best features -Charlie Chaplin!
  • ETHow about taking a ride with E.T.?
  • マイケルジャクソン
  • プレスリー

The super stars jumped through space and time, and now gathered!

A gathering of music legends! The classic representatives, Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach all together in one room! It looks like they’ll discuss and create a new masterpiece.As the era changes, you are able to meet famous legends from the 20th century: the rock star, Elvis Presley, the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, and the superhero, Super Man!There’s also famous Japanese warriors and sports players!

  • モーツァルト
  • バッハ
  • ベートーベン
  • 西郷隆盛と勝海舟




The Izu Wax Figure Museum






674-1 Ike, Ito City Shizuoka 413-0234

Open hours


Closed days

Thursday (Except August, New Year’s holidays, and holidays)

Admission fee

Adult 1,000 yen Junior high and high school student 800-yen Elementary school student 600 yen